Thank You from Neola

Hello All,

Sorry for keeping you in suspense, but here are the results we’ve all been waiting for. First, let me start by saying thank you to all for the continual support. My pageant weekend was a big success, and I could not have done it without your help. In a literal overnight miracle, I went from being completely hopeless in pursuing the event, to having many willing to contribute to my cause. I have learned the value of having people willing to support me without even knowing my face. This showed me the sentimental meaning behind the contribution of you all, and has created a bond between us that runs deeper than this pageant.

My usual lifestyle includes functioning independently on a day-to-day basis in every aspect. I am not used to having people around to unconditionally support me and my aspiration in the way that you all have been able to present to me in the past two weeks. Every time I received a new e-mail or text from Jennifer I did not know what to say, or how to react. In a short time frame you all have shown me more support than I have received in years.

As I continued through the last two weeks, I was always tempted to question why strangers would be so willing to help the “unknown.” I became aware of how many additional people are counting on me to succeed, how many additional faces are looking at me to be successful in the pageant. I was determined not to disappoint any of you, and to bring home the title that we all contributed to. It wasn’t until I was on stage at the pageant that I realized your eagerness to be of aid to me had nothing to do with this actual event. My interpretation is that you see more than a potential “beauty queen.” For one to show such willingness to another individual, that individual must have shown some ambition or promise. I am still trying to figure out exactly what the motivation was that made you all take interest. The more I think about it, the less relevant it is becoming. I shall no longer dwell on “why”, but I shall move forth to fulfill the promise that you see in me.

The pageant weekend was a complete success. I met new people, made new friends, worked with a really good team, and most importantly, worked on bettering myself. I had overcome a lot of challenges, portrayed a high level of confidence, built my self-esteem, yet still left room for improvement. This past weekend was not about being competitive or outshining the other girls, it was about me, and defining who I am to the world.

The best way to start this new paragraph is by announcing that I AM MISS TEEN GTA-WORLD!!! Out of 60 girls, 15 finalists were chosen to move on to nationals, where they will crown Miss Teen Canada-World 2010. Fortunately, I am one of those lucky girls. At Nationals, I will be competing against another 60 girls from across Canada. My duties as Miss Teen GTA-World are to continue to be a positive role model, promote my title by attending events throughout the GTA, obtain a lot of media exposure, and of course do a lot of fundraising for Free the Children Foundation. My platform will continue to be Conquering the Odds, and my campaign will be called: WE WIN. The preparation for this pageant will be more challenging than the first. The responsibilities have increased, the chances have increased, and the fees have definitely increased. I am determined to make the best out of this experience.

Once again, I would like to say thank you to all. This is only the beginning, and I will definitely make you all proud! If there are any appearances that you would like me to make, or if you have any suggestions for sponsorships, fundraising ideas, etc. Please feel free to make the suggestions to Jennifer, or you could contact me, or both. This is officially the start to a wonderful and life-changing experience, and I could not have done it without you all. WE DID IT! I will also post additional blogs to keep you all updated.

Neola Husbands

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