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kolari thumbnailFor those of you who aren’t on Twitter (or just didn’t have the time this week), here are @Jenniferkolari’s tweets, including lots of great links and useful resources. Enjoy!

RT @ruralmoms: RT @babyfacts: 10 tips for successful fam vacation from Jennifer Kolari author of Connected #Parenting.

RT @DeborahMersino: Transcript from 03.05 #gtchaton “Disciplining the #Gifted Child: Fallacies & Facts:

RT @DeborahMersino: Trans from noon/EST #gtchat “Creating Healthy Environment/Balance for #Gifted”{scroll to 5pm/GMT}

RT @HappyHealthyHipTeens appreci8 parents who focus more on what they experience/learn/feel than achievement/performance via @americannanny

Thanks for the mentions! @ToughAct @baronwhite @bfscribner

TY! RT @Hip_M0M: My #FF recommendation: Author of Connected Parenting and Child & Family Therapist, @JenniferKolari (Plus, she’s Canadian!)

It absolutely will! RT @laughingatchaos: @Jenniferkolari Thx for the RT hon. No, it’s NOT easy. But it will pay off in the end. I hope.

Gr8 topics!! RT @DeborahMersino: The votes are in: “Disciplining the #Gifted Child: Fallacies & Facts” will be 7pm/EST#gtchat topic on Fri.

Congratulations @Stimey

Congrats @DeborahMersino! And thank you for all the work you are doing!!! hours ago

Sensory Processing Disorder and the DSM via Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

“Trying harder is impossible when you’re already trying as hard as you can. But you can always try different.” – Seth Godin

It’s not easy! RT @DeborahMersino: A tender, raw slice of liFe w/ #gifted#OE via @laughingatchaos | #gtchat

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Thx so much for the mentions! @PinkySparky @Triciadycka@Reward_Mall@denyseduhaime @bfscribner

@Heatmizer_626 Thanks for the shout out!

@projecthappy Thanks for the mention!

Thx for the mention! RT @ParentLearning: Jennifer Kolari Discusses Tantrums | Connected Parenting: via @addthis

Many thanks for the Beautiful Blogger Award Single Soccer Mom!

RT @DeborahMersino: Parenting tweeps & educators: Vote for this week’s #gtchat topics. Please RT.

@jeliez Thanks!

@rijakk Thanks for the mention!

TY! RT @MADconsulting: Sending ENDLESS hugs to MANY @bfscribner @dahara@SoccerFan18 @Jenniferkolari @rijakk @jeliez @chem_w3 @denyseduhaime

Resources for my US tweeps who have kids with LDs

Thx! RT @projecthappy: RT @happyhealthyhip: From Connected Parenting – Mirroring Monday “It’s Boring” Edition:

Thx for the RT @MADconsulting: New Post: Seth Godin on Genius and Failure via @Jenniferkolari

Thanks for the mention! RT @HappyHealthyHip: This week, @JenniferKolari Discusses Tantrums: #parenting

Thx for the RT @happyhealthyhip: From Connected Parenting – Mirroring Monday “It’s Boring” Edition:

The Middle School Parenting Telesummit is coming soon!

@life_act Thanks for the RT!

More support for the power of a growth mindset

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