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kolari thumbnailFor those of you who aren’t on Twitter (or just didn’t have the time this week), here are @Jenniferkolari’s tweets, including lots of great links and useful resources. Enjoy!

RT @DeborahMersino: Trans for 03.19 #gtchat Coping w/Underachievement/Blending & Desires to Fit In {scroll to 11pm/GMT}

Congrats! RT @DeborahMersino: Fun fact: Nearly 1,000 tweets devoted to #gtchat this week alone! Our community is growing. #gifted

Thanks so much for #FF @DailyParentTip & @jbowring

RT @DeborahMersino: Transcript for 03.19 noon/EST #gtchat Planning a Summer for #Gifted Kids: Camp, Pool, Both?

Want to have a peaceful, successful, resilient family? Check out the top experts on TheParentingSummit

UCC’s principal, Jim Power, on adversity and resilience:

Forgiving your parents:

Thanks for the mention @Babyssentials #parenting

Gr8 tips! RT @TheFamilyCoach: Making and keeping friends is a skill you teach your children

RT @DeborahMersino: Coping w/ Blending/Underachievers/Desire to “Fit In” will be the subject of our 7pm/EST #gtchat on Friday! #gifted3

RT @DeborahMersino: Planning a Summer for #Gifted Kids: Pool, Camp, Both? will be the topic of our noon/EST #gtchat on Friday!

RT @KiddingAround: RT @nationalpost: Baking W/out Borders: Our own Bonnie Stern puts on bake sale to raise $ for Haiti

Thanks for the mention!~@DailyParentTip #parenting

Thx! RT @alysonschafer: @Jenniferkolari Hope life is going gr8 4 you! I was just telling a social worker about yr wonderful work yesterday!

Got issues with your teens? Worried about the sex talk, cyberbullying, & just plain connecting with your teen?

RT @alysonschafer: I start my day with meditation: Ever thought of trying? Check out:

Daylight Savings a double-edged sword for Scary Mommy

We all need a good laugh! RT @ADDSarah: Thx @LandsEnd4Biz & @Jenniferkolari for making me laugh! A little light heartedness lifts my spirit!

TY TY TY! RT @sarawinter_: @Jenniferkolari My pleasure. The word is out. I hear nothing but good things about you guys ALL over Toronto. 

RT @KiddingAround: As we get older, experiences are so much more important than stuff. Give children lots of positive memories.

TY 4 the mention! RT @Igraraj: Connected parenting expert Jennifer Kolari shows U how to deal w sensitive/anxious child

@sarawinter_ Thanks for all the mentions and recommendations!!!

Too funny! What to Expect: The 39th Year

Some great ideas for entertaining the troops during March Break!

Want to have a peaceful, successful, resilient family? Check out the top experts on TheParentingSummit hours ago

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