Four-Week Connected Parenting Workshop by Teleseminar/Webinar Starts this Thursday, April 8!

Book ThumbnsilWork with Connected Parenting founder Jennifer Kolari this April when she runs a 4-week Parenting Workshop by teleseminar/webinar with Jacqueline Green.  The workshop will build your skills with material from the Connected Parenting workshop, the Connected Parenting Advanced Strategies workshop, and the Parenting with Brains workshop.

You’ll have a chance to ask your questions live and to interact with Jennifer just like you would in an in-person workshop. Even better, if you can’t make it to one (or all) of the classes, you can listen to a replay and then join a special question and answer session one evening so you’ll have a chance to ask questions live.

The deets:

Dates: Thursdays mornings, April 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2010
Time: 11 am – 12:30 pm EST (8 am – 9:30 am PST)
Where: by telephone or webinar
Cost: $125 for an individual or couple (half the normal cost for an in-person course with Jennifer)

Plus: a live evening question and answer period on April 27, 2010 at 7pm EST (4pm PST)

And there’s a bonus:  You’ll get a copy of two interviews with Jennifer Kolari. In the first interview, Jennifer discusses the Connected Parenting approach. In the second, she talks about how to deal with your super sensitive/anxious child.

To register, please contact Jacqueline Green at or by phone at (780) 712-6615.

Check out a more detailed description of the workshop:

Connected Parenting

Using anecdotes, humor, and sample dialogue, the audience will be introduced to the Connected Parenting model. Both theory and practice will be explained step-by-step. Participants will leave inspired with practical and useful strategies to try as soon as they get home.

The introductory course can be held over one or two evenings. The Connected Parenting series can be adapted for both parents and teachers.

Connected Parenting Advanced Strategies

This workshop is for parents and teachers who have attended the introductory course. It will focus on mastery of the various techniques emphasizing use of self and fluency, as well as the speed and ease of these communication skills.

Parenting with Brains
Parenting strategies that help your child’s brain functioning

Developmental experiences have a profound impact on how a mature brain functions. The more pleasant experiences a child’s brain has, the more the brain specializes for positive emotion-meaning that later in life he or she may cope better with stress, become more resilient, and be more positive in general. This means that parents have the ability to affect their child’s brain function.

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to give your child the tools for a successful life. But what if a few small adjustments in how you interact with your child could actually impact their brain function?

It is not enough just to love them, investing in your relationship with your child will have an effect on their future success and happiness.

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"Connected Parenting advises us not just how to parent, but—far more important—who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioural solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationships with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones."
—Gabor Maté, M.D.

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