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kolari thumbnailFor those of you who aren’t on Twitter (or just didn’t have the time this week), here are @Jenniferkolari’s tweets, including lots of great links and useful resources. Enjoy!

Love these ideas for “everyday” philanthropy

Have you signed up yet? 4-week Connected Parenting workshop can be attended by telephone or online! Pls RT

RT @YummyMummyClub: Music is answer to working out. Here’s why –> Can also use music 2 help kids get their energy up

Happy Easter!

RT @DeborahMersino: Highly recommends “Linchpin” by Seth Godin. Includes intriguing thoughts/implications re to #education #gtchat

Study on teen decision-making autonomy

RT @60secondparent: Study shows exploratory Behavior In Toddlers Activated By #dads

Stay tuned for details about a 4-week interactive teleseminar with Jennifer Kolari …

RT @DeborahMersino: Transcript from 7pm #gtchat “Navigating Family Dynamics to Find Sanity Amid Chaos” {Scroll to 11pm}

RT @DeborahMersino: Transcript from noon #gtchat“Framing GT Advocacy Arguments in Today’s Climate” {Scroll to 4pm/GMT}

Thx Deborah! RT @DeborahMersino: Looking for past #gtchat transcripts? Look no further: #gifted

@Virtualsiren Thanks for the RT!

RT @alysonschafer: Parent Tip: Increase one-on-one time with your biggest misbehaving child. They are the most discouraged in the family.

The power of purpose

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