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kolari thumbnailFor those of you who aren’t on Twitter (or just didn’t have the time this week), here are @Jenniferkolari’s tweets, including lots of great links and useful resources. Enjoy!

RT @DeborahMersino Trans 05.14 noon #gtchat Best Web sites/Blogs & Back-talking #Gifted Kids: Asynchrony or Attitudes

RT @DeborahMersino: Partial trans 05.15 #gtchat Ability Grouping/Clustering (11:20) #gifted Sorry initial links lost.

Sign up for a Connected #Parenting Boys’ Book Club in SD. It’ll be led by coaches Rebecca Lindsay & Kelly Parisa!

#FoodAllergy Awareness Week is wrapping up. Check out our blog posts about parenting a child with a food allergy:

RT @TheCoffeeKlatch: Monday Evening – @JenniferKolari of Connected Parenting on anxiety disorders in children on our Blog Talk Radio 9pm est

TY 4 RT @sarawinter_: Makes perfect sense: RT @Jenniferkolari Our most recent post about Anxiety & #FoodAllergy

Thanks for the #FF love @JacquelineGreen!

RT @peanutfreelife: Wish I were better at this. RT @Jenniferkolari: New Post about Anxiety & #FoodAllergy#faaw

Emma Waverman about Connected Parenting

Preparing Your Child for a Hospital Stay:

RT @bweikle: Mom’s phone call calming as hug, says study –

LOL RT @bweikle: Patting his dad’s back after 1st practice “U did really well 4 your 1st time as coach & I know you’re going to do better.”

TY 4 RT @crossborderbio: RT @Jenniferkolari New Post: Food Allergy Awareness: This week is Food Allergy Awareness Wk…

RT @bweikle: This is cool: Video counselling brings fast help to youngsters –

No regrets! Check out this Britain’s Got Talent clip (via Tara Lenga)

Attention & Distraction

It’s #FoodAllergy Awareness Week. We’re talking about parenting issues.

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