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Guest blogger Tina McFadden is a children’s author.

As a kid, I used to string twine across the furniture in my house and create islands out of stools and stacks of books, transforming my living room into a wild and dangerous jungle landscape for my Barbie dolls.

When the set-up was finally complete, Barbie and her cronies were forced to cross the bridges of string, making their way from one “island” to the next. Below, blood-thirsty crocodiles and snakes awaited in the treacherous swampland of the carpet.

My younger sister would get so angry with me because it would take me hours to set up the living room. By the time I was ready to commence the actual playing, she would have grown bored and moved on to something else. Besides, she preferred games with more casual themes: “Barbie and Ken on a date” or “A day at the beach with Barbie” to my elaborate adventure schemes.

I guess I’ve always been a sucker for adventure.

As a kid, I was an avid reader, and I loved the adventures of Nancy Drew. An avid writer as well, by age nine, I had written my own series of mystery novels about the adventures of a young female detective.

Even now I find myself gravitating towards books, movies and TV shows involving some type of adventure.

It probably comes as no surprise then that adventure is a prominent theme in my new novel, Elffolk and the Crystal Caves of Atlantis. A fantasy-adventure for children ages 7 to 10, Elffolk tells the story of two young elves, Enna and Nissa, in the mysterious crystal caves of legendary Atlantis.

With positive role models – a wise, compassionate elder named Gael and a king who reveals to Enna and Nissa the power of their thoughts, expectations and beliefs – Elffolk and the Crystal Caves of Atlantis is an empowering novel for young readers.

For more about Elffolk and the Crystal Caves of Atlantis, please visit

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