CONNECTED PARENTING EPISODE 54 – Being the Parent of That Kid

by Nov 1, 2021Podcasts

Do you notice the judgmental glances from other parents when you drop your child off at school or birthday parties? Can you sense the teacher is frustrated and fed up with your child? Do you hold your breath as you approach the playground crossing your fingers hoping that your child behaves? Does your heart skip a beat when the phone rings for fear it is the school?

In this episode, Jennifer talks about being the parent of  “that kid.” It is heartbreaking when you know your child is struggling and to know that others don’t understand. You know that he can be loving, sensitive and well-meaning, but others don’t always see this side of him. She can be maddening and frustrating at home at times, but seeing her so misunderstood is hard to bear. In this episode, Jennifer will help you to learn powerful strategies that will help you understand your child, advocate for your child, and know that you are not alone.