CONNECTED PARENTING EPISODE 64 – Controlling Anger So It Doesn’t Control You

by Mar 21, 2022Jennifer Kolari, Parenting Advice, Podcasts

There have been years of programming taking place in the human brain; dating all the way back to primitive survival stage. As a result, there’s this chasm between what we should be doing and what we’re actually doing.

This is where we as parents actually find ourselves getting more frustrated, and start to feel more and more upset with ourselves for feeling this anger.

The good news is, we can recognize this is anger programming, and start to rewire our brain by working on it a little each day. Eventually changing some of the neural pathways in our brain and building new neural pathways that actually help us respond to a situation rather than react.

Join me for this week’s episode to hear the facts about anger and what we as parents can do to help ourselves while also teaching our children what it looks like to manage anger when it rears its ugly head.



Intro (00:00)
Fight Flight Or Freeze (4:29)
Take Action (9:38)
Angry To Stay Alert (13:53)
It’s Not Good For You (18:48)
Rewire Your Brain (21:48)


Jennifer Kolari is the host of the “Connected Parenting” weekly podcast and the co-host of “The Mental Health Comedy” podcast. Kolari is a frequent guest on Nationwide morning shows and podcasts in th US and Canada. Her advice can also be found in many Canadian and US magazines such as; Today’s Parent, Parents Magazine and Canadian Family.

Kolari’s powerful parenting model is based on the neurobiology of love, teaching parents how to use compassion and empathy as powerful medicine to transform challenging behavior and build children’s emotional resilience and emotional shock absorbers.

Jennifer’s wisdom, quick wit and down to earth style help parents navigate modern-day parenting problems, offering real-life examples as well as practical and effective tools and strategies.

Her highly entertaining, inspiring workshops are shared with warmth and humour, making her a crowd-pleasing speaker with schools, medical professionals, corporations and agencies throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

One of the nation’s leading parenting experts, Jennifer Kolari, is a highly sought- after international speaker and the founder of Connected Parenting. A child and family therapist with a busy practice based in San Diego and Toronto, Kolari is also the author of Connected Parenting: How to Raise A Great Kid(Penguin Group USA and Penguin Canada, 2009) and You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really) Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting (Penguin Canada, 2011).

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