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Parenting a strong-willed child or “gladiator child,” as I like to call them, can be so challenging. They are feisty, powerful children who are often built to be leaders, but have an intense counter-will and feelings that are way too big for their little bodies. Many of the practical, sensible parenting models that work beautifully with your other kids, backfire with your gladiator. Join the Connected Parenting Master Class where Jennifer will share the 5-Shifts you must know to bring out the best in you and your child.

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The Connected Parenting Village

Connected Parenting RolePlaying Playground

The Village is a unique experience, facilitated by the Connected Parenting Team, which is designed for you to build the neuropathways to authentically Mirror and fully connect with your loved ones.

If you’re asking yourself a question “Am I doing it right?”, this is your chance to practice, and master the CALM technique and Mirroring!

Hosted over zoom, this is an exclusive chance to practice the Connected Parenting CALM technique with the support of a Connected Parenting team member.

It’s easy to listen and read about all the ways the CALM technique will help build a strong connection with your child, but it can be more challenging than you think.

These sessions are designed to help you build neuropathways to ensure you can use the CALM Technique with ease.

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