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connected parenting
Connected Parenting
Using anecdotes, humor, and sample dialogue, the audience will be introduced to the Connected Parenting model. Both theory and practice will be explained step-by-step. Participants will leave inspired with practical and useful strategies to try as soon as they get home.

The introductory course can be held over one or two evenings. The Connected Parenting series can be adapted for both parents and teachers.

Connected Parenting Advanced Strategies
This workshop is for parents and teachers who have attended the introductory course. It will focus on mastery of the various techniques emphasizing use of self and fluency, as well as the speed and ease of these communication skills.
Being the parent of “that child”
Do you notice the judgmental glances from other parents when you drop your child off at school or birthday parties? Can you sense the teacher is frustrated and fed up with your child? Do you hold your breath as you approach the playground crossing your fingers hoping that your child behaves? It is heartbreaking when you know your child is struggling. You know that he can be loving, sensitive and well meaning but others don’t always see this side of him. She can be maddening and frustrating at home at times but seeing her so misunderstood is hard to bear.

This workshop will help you to learn powerful strategies that will help your child learn to be part of the team at home, at school and out in the community. By helping your child to understand the context of their behaviour they will learn better coping strategies and build success and resilience.

Parenting Teens Saying ‘No’ when the world says ‘Yes’
With warmth and humour, this workshop will explore the delicate bond between teens and their parents. Using many of the skills therapists use in their work with clients, parents will learn to balance empathy with limit setting to strengthen and deepen their relationships with their teens. Connected Parenting will offer parents effective strategies to avoid power struggles, help their kids make safe choices and instill in their kids the confidence and resilience to say ‘No’ to their peers.
Parenting with brains. Parenting strategies that help your child’s brain functioning
Developmental experiences have a profound impact on how a mature brain functions. The more pleasant experiences a child’s brain has, the more the brain specializes for positive emotion-meaning that later in life he or she may cope better with stress, become more resilient, and be more positive in general. This means that parents have the ability to affect their child’s brain function.

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to give your child the tools for a successful life. But what if a few small adjustments in how you interact with your child could actually impact their brain function?

It is not enough just to love them, investing in your relationship with your child will have an effect on their future success and happiness.

Polarizing Parents. Find the middle ground with your parenting partner
Most parents agree that the ‘good cop, bad cop’ approach to parenting rarely works. Unfortunately, many parents fall into the routine with one parent who becomes the limit-setter and disciplinarian and the other taking on the softer, lenient and nurturing role. Compounding this issue further is a tendency for each parent to overcompensate for what they perceive is a weakness in the other’s parenting style.

Not only does this leave each parent feeling alone and unsupported, but when the kids see what’s going on they often take advantage.

In this workshop you will learn strategies to find a common ground for you and your partner. By introducing the principals of Connected Parenting empathy, compassion and containment into your individual parenting style, parents will be able to come closer together and learn to support each others parenting decisions and work together bringing out the best in each other and their children.

Transform your challenging child
Are you tired of hearing ‘No’ from your child? Are you exhausted from fighting daily battles that never seem to go anywhere? For some children, the sensible consequences and strategies that sound great and work with other children-even your own other children – don’t always work on them.

In this workshop, parents will learn how the principals of Connected Parenting can help to reduce the daily battles you might be having with your child, making the home a happier, less stressful place for the entire family.

Going with the flow. Helping kids and families learn to move through transitions
Whether it’s a big transition like a new addition to the family, starting a new school, or moving to a new city, or small transitions like turning off video games or going to bed, all kids will be faced with transitions. Some children handle them well and others struggle. These times can be frustrating and nerve-racking for any child or parent.

In this workshop you will learn strategies to help your children move through transitions smoothly and become more compliant and flexible. Easier transitions make the experiences go better and entire days run smoother.

Kids and anxiety Recognizing the warning signs and what to do
We are all born hardwired for how we handle anxiety, some of us are not anxious at all-some of us are very anxious. Life events and experiences can push us up or down the continuum. Some anxiety is good-it allows us to make good, safe choices but we want to make sure that our children control their anxiety so it doesn’t control them. We don’t want their worries and fears to get in the way of enjoying and participating fully in their lives.

Children don’t always show the typical or obvious signs of anxiety that we might think of, sometimes demanding behaviour, extreme bossiness, temper tantrums and sleep disturbances can all be symptoms of anxiety.

In this workshop, you will learn about kids and anxiety, how to spot the warning signs, and what you as a parent can do to ease your child’s anxiety.

Kids and the bottom line. Talking to your kids about adult issues
While we may not always notice it, our kids are very perceptive. When mom and dad are worried about something, the kids can usually pick up on it. In the midst of a prolific economic crisis, many of us have a lot on our minds, the least of which is how to talk to our kids about the economy and what the recession will mean in our own family.

Many families may be in a position where they are forced to say ‘No’ more often. While we all want our kids to have everything to make them happy, it’s a good time to teach them about value and setting limits.

In this workshop, you will learn how to talk to your kids about sensitive issues, such as the recession, in a way that makes them still feel safe and connected.

Super sensitive kids. Helping them to cope
Some kids are extremely sensitive and react emotionally to events or frustrations a less emotional child would handle quite easily. These children could be happy and laughing one moment and sullen, sad, or furious the next. Some children seem hardwired to react more emotionally than others.

As parents of sensitive kids it’s easy to become frustrated with the constant mood swings and unpredictable reactions. In these situations, the bond between parent and child can often become frayed.

In this workshop, Connected Parenting will teach you strategies to help your child develop a thicker skin and learn to be more flexible. They will get upset less often and recover faster when they do. Through mirroring and empathy, parents will learn to help their sensitive child to become a happy, resilient and confident child.

Kids with special needs
Connected Parenting workshops can be adapted to address kids with special issues including giftedness, learning disabilities, A.D.H.D and Asperger’s Syndrome.

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    Who to be as parents

    Doctor Gabor Maté

    “Connected Parents” advises us not just how to parent, but far more important – who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioral solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationship with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones.

    Gabor Maté

    Funny, warm, and fresh

    Funny, warm, and fresh, Kolari’s Connected Parenting is, hands down, the most effective parenting system of our generation. This book will bring out the very best in your child. Put simply, this book changed my life

    Tish Cohen
    bestselling author of Inside Out Girl and Townhouse

    Connected Parenting

    Connected Parenting has changed how I interact with my son in such a positive way. More importantly, I see how mirroring is a lifelong tool that is essential in every relationship.

    Sarah Stirtz
    Registered Nurse, Salina, Kansas

    All the secrets are revealed

    All the secrets are revealed in Connected Parenting. These are the keys to unlock the barriers that exist between parents and children.  For parents, educators and Family Medicine residents, Jennifer Kolari’s first book should be required reading.  The tools are invaluable, but most importantly, they are effective and behavioural change will successfully occur.

    Dr. Marvin Gelkopf
    MD, CCF, FCFP, Assistant Professor

    I will never forget the telephone conversation

    I will never forget the telephone conversation when Jennifer Kolari told me with great excitement that she had discovered—to her surprise! —that her technique of Connected Parenting worked, not just for young children for whom she had originally developed it, but that it was extraordinarily successful for teenagers as well.

    The result of this discovery is You’re Ruining my Life!, an indispensable guide for parents who may need more than intuition to help their teenagers thrive in an often challenging phase of development.

    Dr. Till Davy
    Honorary Consultant, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

    With Connected Parenting

    With Connected Parenting, Jennifer Kolari provides a novel approach to parenting the challenging child. Her CALM approach (connect, affect, listen, mirror) is not necessarily instinctive for most parents. Instead of starting with advice on changing behavior, she begins with the more fundamental task of rebuilding frayed relationships and understanding the emotions behind the unwanted behaviors. Ms. Kolari uses mirroring, a therapy technique, as a strategic form of parental communication. The mirroring approach takes practice but accomplishes several important goals; it makes the child feel understood, diffuses emotions, and leads to opportunities for repair. Incorporated into the relationship with one’s child, the technique has long-lasting effects on the child’s behavior. Although Ms. Kolari directs her work toward the relationship with the challenging child, the lessons learned can be applied to all relationships. Connected Parenting is compelling reading for any parent who has been challenged by the relationship with his or her child.

    John T. Kanegaye
    MD, FAAP, FACEP Division of Emergency Medicine, Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

    Jennifer Kolari has taken her exceptional gifts

    Jennifer Kolari has taken her exceptional gifts as a child therapist and made them accessible to a wider audience. More than any other parenting book I have read, Connected Parentingoffers parents a framework by which they can demonstrate and communicate a deep understanding of their child’s inner emotional life. Calming your child and in particular mirroring, are much more than mere techniques. These are the building blocks of loving, enduring relationships.

    Pauline Pariser

    Reading this book

    Reading this book is like being in a private therapy session with Jennifer Kolari.  Real life scenarios are described. We are given the words to use when we face typical difficult parenting situations.  Staying calm and using the CALM technique truly makes a difference in the life of the child and the life of the family.  The mirroring method that is taught byConnected Parenting and is described in this book is very powerful and very effective.  Now parents can have unlimited access to the excellent Connected Parenting techniques described in this book.

    Dr. Daphna Grossman
    MD, CCFP (em), FCFP

    I began reading Connected Parenting

    I began reading Connected Parenting on my flight to Vancouver Island to bid a final farewell to a dear friend who was suddenly diagnosed with a rapidly advancing terminal cancer. My attention was admittedly divided between the words on the page and my apprehension of how I was going to handle myself with her and her loved ones. I arrived a few hours too late; my friend had passed away. The next few days I spent with the family were much less difficult than I had anticipated. In retrospect, I realized why. The teachings in Jennifer’s book – deep listening, validation, the CALM technique – became wisdom and transformative in their impact, as I engaged in ‘very connected conversations’ that honoured relationships, empathy, and respect.

    As the world turns and its movement becomes more frenzied, parents and teachers are the only two forces left who are entrusted with society’s greatest responsibility – to raise children into ethical, moral, and efficacious young adults. We need all the help we can get! Jennifer offers us the means to achieve the delicate balance between teaching and guiding our children while resisting the impulse to want to control them. She achieves this through a healthy sprinkle of success stories, well-researched foundation for brain-compatible approaches, and an abundance of common sense.

    Dr. Pat Bucci
    Educational Consultant

    Have a teenager?

    Have a teenager? Then I highly recommend this book. Jennifer Kolari’s CALM techniques to connect with your teen are not only simple but based on cutting-edge research

    Michele Borba
    Ed.D., author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

    How you respond to your child

    How you respond to your child is how your child learns to respond to you. Focus on control when the child is oppositional or upset, and power struggles are likely to ensue. Focus on empathy, however, as Jennifer Kolari advocates, and concern for the child will encourage cooperation from the child, enabling the possibility for constructive change.

    Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D.
    author of Stop the Screaming: How to Turn Angry Conflict with Your Child into Positive Communication

    Connected parenting works!

    Connected parenting works! This is more than a book on parenting, it is a blueprint for understanding healthy communication for all relationships! These techniques have become a way of life for our family and have helped me both professionally and as a parent. It will change your life for the better!

    Dr.Sue Ball
    Ph.D., C. Psych.

    Kolari helps parents

    Kolari helps parents understand complicated teen brain chemistry and offers practical parenting advice that is respectful and effective

    Alyson Schafer
    author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids

    Sometimes we try so hard

    Sometimes we try so hard to be the perfect parent, and put so much effort into it that we can’t get out of our own way.  Jennifer Kolari shows us ways to deal with our children that are so simple and yet so brilliant it’s like magic.  If you are a parent, know a parent, or are planning to become a parent, you need this book.  As a pediatrician for nearly 20 years and the mother of four children, I can honestly say I wish I’d had this book before my first child was born, it would have made life so much easier.  The techniques in this book can be effectively applied to a 2 year old or a 20 year old, and that’s the beauty of Connected Parenting.

    Debra DeBiasse
    M.D., FAAP, Salina Regional Health Center, Salina, Kansas

    Connected Parenting

    Connected Parenting is the ultimate survival guide for families. Jennifer’s methods restore the trust, respect and affection that difficult behaviours can undermine, while helping to manage those same behaviours with original, fresh techniques. Parents will see how their relationships with their children can be repaired and strengthened in ways they may have thought were impossible.

    Michael Kearns
    Senior Producer, CBC News: Sunday/Sunday Night

    I have known Jennifer Kolari

    I have known Jennifer Kolari for several years and have sent a number of children and families to her for therapy. I have worked with a number of clinicians in several children’s mental health agencies and clinics and have found Jennifer’s style and techniques to be among the very best. She has been able to effect change in the most complex families, with children who have ‘been through the system’ and been exposed to a myriad of clinicians and treatment approaches, none of which proved effective for them.  With her approachable, warm, composed demeanor, and brilliant clinical skills, she has been able to connect with these parents and children, work closely with them, and make the family unit function again.  The skills and techniques highlighted in this book are going to prove effective for parents and professionals alike. The concepts are sound, theoretically based, and truly work. This book is going to be required reading in any subsequent courses I teach on child and adolescent psychotherapy.

    Dr. Alisa Kenny Bridgman
    C. Psych., Child and Adolescent Psychologist

    Jennifer Kolari provides us with a clear-minded view

    Jennifer Kolari provides us with a clear-minded view of how to create and continue an open, attuned relationship with our children while they move through important and at times tumultuous transition from childhood to adulthood called adolescence.  You’re Ruining My Life!” (But Not Really): Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting is an accessible and often entertaining guide to understanding the importance of communication in the parent-child relationship and how changes in the teen’s brain can make loving, supportive connection difficult to maintain.  Filled with practical steps and memorable stories, the insights of Kolari’s important book will help the busy parent both survive and thrive through these crucial and challenging times.

    Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.
    Co-Author, The Whole-Brain Child and Parenting from the Inside Out; Author, Mindsight and The Developing Mind , Executive Director, Mindsight Institute Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine

    You’re Ruining My Life! 

    You’re Ruining My Life! provides impressive guidance for parents of challenging children. With great kindness and compassion and wonderful clarity she helps parents to organize their responses and reconnect to their teens in ways that that will give them renewed hope.

    Howard Glasser
    author of Transforming the Difficult Child

    A Must Read for Parents!

    A must read for parents, educators, and any other adults who want to connect in a deeply caring and positive way with the children in their lives.

    Barbara Coloroso

    As a practicing paediatrician

    As a practicing paediatrician, I have had the privilege of observing the success of Jennifer Kolari’s therapeutic techniques over many years. Now that these techniques are available in this book, I will be recommending Connected Parenting to every parent who brings their infant to my office.

    Dr Till Davy
    FRCP(c), FAAP, Honorary Consultant, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Toronto

    If you too agonize

    If you too agonize—Why can’t he just say ‘okay mommy’, this book is for you. An extra challenging child is a gift; Jennifer Kolari helps you learn how to cherish it.  Her empathetic ‘mirroring’ strategy works on the most wound up child—even on husbands! And now it’s in print, so we can’t forget the techniques. Jennifer Kolari helped steer us toward more effective parenting of the challenging child, so we could focus on the joyful gifts rather than the problems. If you need a reason to read it, turn to the back page—and Kolari’s poignant questions: What do I want my children to remember about their childhood? And, even scarier, What do I want my children to remember about me? Parenting doesn’t come with a textbook—Connected Parenting is close to it.

    Susan Ormiston
    Broadcaster, CBC, The National